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Partner with North America’s Premier Fire Hose Manufacturer

Interested in providing the best fluid delivery systems and firefighting products available today to your customers? From our fire hoses, to our snowmaking hoses—they really are so much more than just a hose! They are a complete system of unmatched performance when it comes to fluid delivery. We’ve put extensive time, cutting-edge research and development into each and every product we manufacture. 

Carrying Quality Hose and Pump Products

Join our worldwide network of distributors! As a dealer of Mercedes Textiles Limited products you can offer your customers a full range of firefighting equipment, portable and lightweight fire pumps, fire hoses, and a wide range of other products such as snowmaking hoses, all designed with quality and durability in mind. Each and every one of our products comes backed with a warranty, so you can feel confident about standing behind Mercedes Textiles Limited products.

Sell With Confidence—Our Top-Notch Warranties

Warranties are a big deal when buying and selling firefighting equipment. As a fire hose manufacturer, we understand the dangers, costs, and liability involved in the firefighting industry. That’s why we developed comprehensive warranties in accordance with industry needs. When you buy or sell Mercedes Textiles products, you’re not only getting the best; you’re getting the assurance that your products will provide peak performance every time you need them.

We guarantee that every product we sell is free of defect in material and workmanship. From our standard One-Year-Warranty, to our 10-Year and Lifetime-Warranties; we back what we sell. Mercedes Textiles 2-Year “All-Hazards” coverage is available on select merchandise.

We are an industry leader when it comes to warranties. In the event of accidental damage, it covers damages to a fire hose issued from firefighting. Hoses used for activities outside of firefighting are not eligible under this coverage.

In the unlikely occurrence of a product failure or faulty workmanship or materials, Mercedes Textiles will repair or replace the faulty piece and reimburse the buyer for reasonable shipping expenses. Other hose manufacturers won’t offer you that!

Dealer Application Form

Looking for more information? Ready to sell Mercedes Textiles products? Partner with a truly North American hose manufacturer. Fill out the application below and send it to us to become a Mercedes Textiles Limited dealer:

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