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Forestry Fire Hose: Boostlite

Boostlite Fire Hose

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A non-collapsible reel hose designed to meet a variety of  fire attack requirements
Booster reel hose
Range control attack hose
Wildland brush fire truck attack hose
Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) applications
Features and Benefits
Extremely kink resistant, even at low pressure
Bend radius is less than 3 ½” / 8.9cm for a ¾” / 19mm hose; 4 ½” 11.4cm for a 1.0” / 25mm hose; and 9.0" / 23cm for a 1 ½” 38mm hose
Non-Collapsible and fits standard hose reels
Heavy duty spun yarn construction
Unique Mertex® lining
Premium all synthetic single jacket
Standard Strobe Yellow Permatek HP™ treatment against abrasion, moisture pick up and mildew
Resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and U.V. exposure, and hydrolysis
Temperature range of -60º F to160º F (-50º C to 71º C)
Available with expansion ring and field repairable couplings, field repairable splice, factory installed compression splice and compression couplings
Available options:

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