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40 years strong.

Our 40 year legacy is just the beginning. Our goal to keep people safe is unrelenting.
Our commitment to collaborate, support and innovate has never been stronger.

Explore our full line of fire hose and couplings

Blazing the path 
for 40 years.

We lead with the support of the dedicated individuals who risk their own lives to help save others. We take this great responsibility very seriously. We will listen. We will innovate. We will continue to blaze new paths for the next 40 years.

Check out our line up of fire pumps

We Fight For The Fighters.

Trust must be earned and when lives depend on that trust, it must never be broken. Our ongoing dedication to these brave individuals who battle on the front lines is unwavering.

See our complete selection of accessories


From fire hose to foam equipment, no other
manufacturer offers a more complete solution.


Fire Hose & Couplings
Fire Hose & Couplings
Fire Pumps
Fire Pumps


You can trust that every hose, coupling, pump and accessory is built with safety in mind.




A firefighter has a fire inside. It’s something that cannot be taught or learned. It’s a motivation that comes from within. A sense of duty to protect their community and the lives and property of the people who live there, fueled by their own internal code. Mercedes Textiles honors these individuals. We create products that not only live up to their standards but go beyond. For 40 years we’ve offered a full line of hoses, pumps, couplings and accessories all with one unrelenting goal - keep people safe. As we move forward with our legacy we do so with the knowledge that what we make must never be anything other than the best. Running toward danger requires a strength few possess and we’re honored these brave men and women trust Mercedes Textiles to answer the call.



As seen in Fire Engineering Magazine Moving Water Supplement more >>
As seen in Fire Engineering Water on Fire Supplement more >>
New addition to our line up of portable pumps. As seen in Fire Apparatus Magazine! more >>
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