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Sometimes true innovation comes in pairs.

Mercedes Textiles and Highwater Hose are introducing 2 completely redesigned large diameter Supply/Attack fire hoses. They’re lighter, leaner, meaner and more packable than ever before. These 2 fire hoses are destined to become the new industry standard. 

More than Just a Fire Hose and Pump Manufacturer

Backed by over 35 years of manufacturing firefighting innovation, Mercedes Textiles Limited provides premium fluid delivery systems worldwide. These include municipal, forestry, industrial and cabinet, fire hoses and fire pumps, snowmaking and high water hoses and firefighting supplies.


Since our beginning in 1978, we have been providing the most durable and highest-performing firefighting systems available today. Proudly sold worldwide by our loyal distributors, our premium fire hose products set the standard high. Dedication to proactive thinking allows us to deliver unrivaled service and products for firefighting and snow making; as well as remaining the industry leader when it comes to innovation.

As the holder of over 60 patents, Mercedes Textiles is more than your average fire hose and pump manufacturer. Not only a leader; we are a key developer and manufacturer in the fluid delivery system industry. Our facilities have now tripled to three locations that manufacture and sell globally our complete firefighting systems, which include a wide range of fire hoses, couplings, firefighting accessories, and our signature lightweight, high-pressure fire pumps.

Today, Mercedes Textiles is widely recognized throughout the world as the premier trendsetter and supplier of municipal, forestry, and industrial fire hoses and equipment—as well as snowmaking hoses. Our continued vision is to manufacture the finest, most durable, and highest performing hose products in the world. From fire hoses, snowmaking hoses and fire pumps—each one is made to outperform and outlast the competition.


As a ground-breaking North American fire hose and fire pump manufacturer, we are proud supporters of North America Free Trade Association (NAFTA). We do this by manufacturing each component of our fire hoses, couplings and snowmaking hoses here in North America. Our hose manufacturing process uses raw materials and products actually made in the US. Rather than simply assembling foreign-made parts and products, we manufacture and source each component and material from North America, so we can truly stamp our fluid delivery systems as “Made in North America!”


We have built strong partnerships with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as well as the Fire Equipment Manufacturer Association (FEMA). These partnerships allow us to undertake focused and strategic research and development initiatives to stay ahead of the curve in developing and manufacturing next-generation fire protection solutions. To keep our fire hose and product standards at the front of the pack, we work in compliance with standard-setting organizations FM Global Approvals and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. That means our complete line of products, including our fire hoses and snowmaking hoses, come backed by their stamp of approval.


As the leading fire hose and fire pump manufacturer, we believe in the quality of our fire hoses whole-heartedly and stand behind them with confidence. That’s why each of our fire hoses and hose products have their own warranty. Our “All Hazards” warranty will give you the added benefit of knowing we’ve got your back. During firefighting activities, if your fire hose or any part of our fluid delivery system fails, needs repair or replacement this warranty has you covered.

What's happening ?

Come see our full line of large diameter supply/attack hoses at FDIC 2015.
We don't make fire hose, we make innovations. iDENTIFY® Coding System. KrakenEXO®. X-Stream® Plus.
KrakenExo, Weighs less. Kinks less. Flows more water.
Our new Megaflo Breather attack fire hose features a completely redesigned jacket weave that lets air escape between layers...
The new IntrepidXP high pressure rubber attack hose features an exclusive triple rib design, making it one of the strongest large diameter hose...
Last fall, the Salem, New Hampshire Fire Department, a 60 member career department, was looking for a solution to a long time hose load issue located off the rear of their engines.
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