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Fire Hose and Couplings: Forestry Fire Hose

See also: Boostlite, Firebreak II, Fireboss, Forestflo, Firestop, Forestguard II, Forestream, MTS-187 T-2, Myti-Flo, Percolite, Pyroblend


Fighting forest fires is serious business. We understand the challenges a wildfire can dish out. It’s not a fight you want to lose, so why go in with less than the best in firefighting gear? The unpredictability and volatility of forestry firefighting calls for innovative equipment that delivers maximum flow where you need it most. Reliable fire hoses and fire pumps need to be lightweight and portable to get your crews where they can do the most damage to a wildfire. Our equipment has been designed specifically with forestry firefighting in mind, so you can rely on the Mercedes Textiles Limited brand to deliver what you need most, when you need it most.


All of our forestry firefighting equipment, from fire pumps to fire hoses, has been designed with today’s forestry firefighter in mind. Appropriate for a multitude of wildfire fighting scenarios, these forestry fire hoses can be used with confidence. Lightweight hoses that are incredibly durable, powerful and portable pair up to our high-performance fire pumps. As always, our forestry fire hose products are resistant to mold, mildew, most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and UV exposure.

 Firestop® Forestguard II® Forestream®
 Firebreak II® Fireboss® MTS-187 T-2
 Boostlite® Forestflo Myti-Flo®


What’s unique about our forestry fire hoses are their Mertex® lining, Permatek HP™ treatment for hose jackets and the Hydro-Wick® weeping process, all developed by Mercedes Textiles Limited.

Lastly, every one of our fire hoses meet or exceed all performance requirements of NFPA 1961, Underwriters Laboratories, and Factory Mutual.


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