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Portable Fire Pumps: Wick 375


The WICK 375™ is a world leader in portable high pressure fi re pumps capable of moving water over long distances
Powered by a 10 HP, 210 cc modern 2-stroke Solo engine
Electronic over-speed protection cut-out switch (patented)
Detachable 4-stage foam-compatible pump using a one piece stainless steel clamp
Nikasil cylinder wall for extended ware and low maintenance
User friendly and easy pull starting
Detachable rewind starter for emergency rope start
See chart for available fuel connection models
U.S.D.A. qualifi ed to meet Specifi cation 5100-274C

View typical pump layouts to help determine your requirements

PicturePart noDescriptionQty
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-AWICK® 375 Fire Pump - Mercury fuel connection
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-CWICK® 375 Fire Pump - Chrysler fuel connection
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-SAEWICK® 375 Fire Pump - SEA fuel connection
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-USDAWICK® 375 Fire Pump - USDA
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-YWICK® 375 Fire Pump - Yamaha fuel connection
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-YNZWICK® 375 Fire Pump - Yamaha fuel connection for New Zealand, incl Heat Shield and Spark arrestor
WICK 375 Fire pump71WICK375-ASWDWICK® 375 Fire Pump - Mercury fuel connection / Special Sweden c/w Heat Shield, Bumper pads and Spark arrestor
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