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Fire Pumps: Portable Fire Pumps

See also: Wick 100G, Wick 100-4H, Wick 250, Wick SI 250, Wick 375, Wick 4200, Wick 80-4H, Wick F200 2 Stroke, Wick F200 4 Stroke, Cottage Protection, F200 Pump End, Fsp 4200 Pump End, Pump Speed Increaser, Wick SI 300

No Fire Pump Performs Quite like a Wick® Fire Pump

When you purchase a portable fire pump from Mercedes Textiles, you are purchasing a product of innovation. Known in the industry for their reliability and versatility, our Wick® fire pumps are designed for endurance, quick setup and flawless performance in all types of wild land fire situations.   

We pride ourselves on providing durable pumps that are built to last, require little maintenance and offer the user a longer running time than the competition.

At Mercedes Textiles we carry a selection of Wick® pumps in several different weight classes and performance levels- built to meet all of your firefighting needs, priced to fit any budget.

Ultra-light Portable Fire Pumps

Mercedes Ultra-light portable fire pumps are low maintenance, designed with a centrifugal clutch making them extremely easy to start pumps. Ideal for wild land, hunting camp and cottage protection.

Some of our cutting-edge Ultra-light pumps include:

Wick® 100G, Wick® 100-4H, Wick® 80-4H

The Wick® 100-G is a popular choice for smoke jumpers, interagency hot shot crews, as well as forest, home & cottage fire protection.

The Wick® 100-4H is a superior choice for forest fire conditions where light weight and high pressure demands are a must. This pump also serves many other industrial and domestic demands.

Lightweight Portable Fire Pumps

Mercedes Lightweight category portable fire pumps offer the user more power. These higher pressure pumps deliver the pressure you need on the main line.

Some of our cutting-edge lightweight portable fire pumps include:

Wick® 250, Wick® SI 250, Wick® 375, Wick® F200-10S

Light-weight, stable, economical and high performance are the trademarks of the Wick® 250. It offers the best performance in its class.

The Wick®SI 250-7S   is our latest innovation of high performance fire pumps. It is one of the most fuel efficient engines on the market using a belt box/pump-end combination and it out performs all pumps in its’ class.

The Wick® 375  is powered by a 10 HP, 210 cc modern 2-stroke Solo engine, is USDA approved with the highest performance in its’ class and is recognized worldwide with a proven track record of performance and reliability.

Large Portable Fire Pumps

Mercedes large portable fire pumps are superior performers where high pressure and volume is required. These big babies are suitable for the building of skid units and may be permanently mounted.

Some of our cutting-edge portable fire pumps include:

Wick® 4200, Wick® F200

Choose from portable fire pumps like the Wick® BN4200-23BS, a big contender in its class, capable of pushing out high volumes of water at high pressure. We offer multiple combinations of engines and frame mounts to meet the various wildland requirements. 

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