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Couplings: Face Gaskets

PicturePart noDescriptionQty
gaskets Gaskets5912FGWasher Garden Hose
gaskets Gaskets5916FGNHFace Gaskets 1" - NH Thread
gaskets Gaskets5916FGPSFace Gaskets 1" - NPSH Thread
gaskets Gaskets5924FGNHFace Gaskets 1 ½" - NH (NST) Thread
gaskets Gaskets5924FGPSFace Gaskets 1 1/2" - NPSH THREAD
gaskets Gaskets5924FGQCFace Gaskets 1 ½" Quarter-Turn
Storz face gaskets5924FGRZFace Gaskets 1 ½" Storz RED HEAD
Storz face gaskets5924FGRZGFace Gaskets 1 ½" Storz
gaskets Gaskets5924FGSNFace Gaskets 1 ½" Snow Hose / Cam and Groove
gaskets Gaskets5924FGSNRFace Gaskets 1 ½" Snow Hose / Cam and Groove (Red Natural Rubber)
gaskets Gaskets5932FGFace Gaskets 2" NPSH
gaskets Gaskets5932FGLSFace Gaskets 2" For Long Shank Cplg's
gaskets Gaskets5932FGRZFace Gaskets 2" Storz RED HEAD
gaskets Gaskets5932FGSNFace Gaskets 2" Snow Hose / Cam and Groove
gaskets Gaskets5932FGSNRFace Gaskets 2" Snow Hose / Cam and Groove (Red Natural Rubber)
gaskets Gaskets5940FGFace Gaskets 2 ½"
gaskets Gaskets5940FGNHFace Gasket 2 ½" NH (NST) Swivel
gaskets Gaskets5940FGQCFace Gaskets 2 ½" Quarter-Turn
Storz face gaskets5940FGRZFace Gaskets 2 ½" Storz Standard
Storz face gaskets5940FGRZ-RFace Gaskets 2 ½" Storz Red Head
Storz face gaskets5948FGRZFace Gaskets 3" Storz Standard
gaskets Gaskets5964FGNHFace Gasket 4" NH (NST) Swivel
Storz face gaskets5964FGRZFace Gasket 4" Storz
gaskets Gaskets5980FGNHFace Gasket 5" NH (NST) Swivel
Storz face gaskets5980FGRZFace Gasket 5" Storz
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