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Fire Hose and Couplings: Municipal Fire Hose

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Municipal Fire Hoses & Firefighting Equipment You Can Count On

As a proven leader in the research and development of the best fire hose materials and coatings, Mercedes Textiles Limited offers a wide range of fire hoses and fire equipment for municipal fire departments. Our fierce commitment to quality and innovation are the basis for all of our fire hose products. So whether you’re looking for attack hoses, supply and relay hoses, booster hoses, draft/suction hoses or soft suction hoses; know that we have the best on the market—all designed with durability and weightlessness in mind. Some of our cutting-edge municipal fire hoses and firefighting products include:  


Our Commitment to Proven Innovation

Our deep commitment to quality and innovation are the foundation of our business; and the fire hose products we develop. To back up our cutting-edge products, we adhere to stringent pressure testing and quality control measures that ensure each municipal fire hose we manufacture exceeds strict industry standards.


By purchasing from us, you’ll gain the assurance that your fire hoses and fire equipment will out-perform your expectations and operate optimally every time you need it. Whether you’re considering the lighter, meaner, stronger Megaflo® Breather supply / attack fire hose or the extremely lightweight, kink resistant KrakenExo® or even the innovative line of Mertex® Wayout couplings and iDentify Coding Systems; Mercedes Textiles Limited delivers superior innovation and quality, every time.



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